Walter McCrea :- What I have done in the Breed

It is some time from one first started in this breed, however when it gets the grip of you you hooked, and that's the way it has been for myself. I owned my first shepherd some years ago to many than I care to remember however I desired to acquire the correct specimen of the breed which would let me show and as so many things in life when one becomes involved with I prefer to ensure I have the best I can.

I took some time and learnt what I can and proceed to become involved with the German Shepherd Dog Club of Northern Ireland, where after going through the Club was asked to stand for committee and done so, where after being elected onto the committee stood for several years as a committee member of the German Shepherd Dog Club of Northern Ireland.

Then there came another training club which was formed in Comber, and one while still serving on the committee of the G.S.D.C.N.I., joined this other club which late was to become the Ulster G.S.D. Club. We will come back to that later, as some time after taking on the role of committee member was put forward for the role of Secretary of the G.S.D.C.N.I., and was dually elected as Secretary.

It was my privilege to serve the membership for the term of two years in this role where in this term of office seen the Kennel Club try to remove the CC's from the club and was my privilege to act on behalf of the Club and Membership to appose this. I as Secretary of the Club had the role of acting a club representative to the Breed Council, where I attend several meeting on behalf of the Club. After a long and stressful time as Secretary I relinquished this role to another and was happy to hand over the role to another parties. I while in this role Judged my first show for the Club being a internal breed match, and shortly after was asked to judge a local breed open show.

Which now takes us back to the Comber Club which was moving on and gaining strength and seen it move from its venue at Comber to another which after a little time I had move on due to other commitments and did not attend for a while but had always tried to keep in contact with the founding members at this time. I did return to the Club as it was then some number of years after, when they had moved to Craigantlet. I once again became involved with the Club and did become a committee member of this club for several years. While in this role I had the chance to produce the clubs magazine and from its collation through to print, and also was permitted on behalf of the club to raise the funds to ensure they had a table of trophies to offer the membership to compete for, I still would support the club but just find I can't get up to the training as I use to be able to.
I was then asked to take on the role of Secretary of the GSDCNI once again and became involved once again in this role and held it for yet another two years, in this one seen the arrangement of the Two Day National being hosted by the GSDCNI, and several other breed open shows and not forgetting the annual Championship show, so all in all found my time in office in the two clubs very beneficial and made a lot of good friends through this time.
V Int. Champion Rosehurst Chris
One again through this time has had the privilege to be the ring steward on behalf of the GSDCNI and Ulster GSD Club, and also for several other clubs through them and on behalf of these clubs, which is an excellent experience and would advise anyone who has the chance to take it, more over at the larger championship shows, where you can see the dogs in a different light and picture from that outside the ring.
V Cello von Aschera
We have campaigned our stock in Ireland and also in the UK, where we always have been in the higher end of the classes, and we enjoyed the fun and the competition with our piers and found many good friends over the years here in Ireland and over in the UK as well, It was my privilege to see some of the more prolific dogs who over the years have had their place in influencing the breed in the UK and Ireland. I seen the introduction of some of the first imports and seen the breed in the transformation to the continental type and strengthen through dogs like Ch. Cito and Int Ch. Rosehurst Chris. Then seen the likes of Cello v Ashcera again influence the breed and type yet once again for the betterment, there has been so many in the last few years, but these are name just a few.
I have had the privilege to judged the Breed at several shows from breed matches through to of late Championship Shows:
German Shepherd Dog Club of Northern Ireland  
Breed Match
Newtownards and District    Open Show
Bandbridge & District   Open Show
The Ulster German Shepherd Club   Breed Match
Kilkenny & District   Championship Show    { Largest entry of GSD's ever seen at this show }
Navan & District   Championship Show
 I look forward to other judging appointment as the come about, well that's enough about me