Thank you for taking the time to stop and visit the web site of Xitahausberg G.S.D.'s, while Paula and I had kept shepherd's long before we ever though of becoming involved with breeding or showing shepherd's. We made a conscious decision to become involved with showing. This was made in 1987 after Paula had given birth to our third  child Danielle.

We have over the years had a hobby which our three young children, later to become four with the birth off our four child Nicole could enjoy and have a fun day away together to the shows round the country. We have made some lovely and good friends over the years, which many of them still remain.

We loved in the early years going to the different venues and each of them with their own atmosphere, I think if one speaks to many of the breeders and exhibitors from this generation of dog showing would all agree, and more over tell many a story on trips to these venues, and tales on trying to find them. This all part and parcel of dog showing.

We went to several so call better breeders and exhibitors at first trying to gain that first show quality German Shepherd, but these where all to no avail, all we found was we where spending extra money on pet stock compared to some of the dogs we where seeing coming in from the bigger kennels of the UK. I took the decision not waste any more money until we seen and found that puppy of quality, one which could complete with the best and unlike so many of this time who was happy to run second best to many of the bigger kennels of the UK.

One can recall hearing of the GSD Ireland Club Show which Paula made the pack lunch for myself and her and of course Alex, Barbara, Danielle & Nicole, and off for Dublin we set down to St Margaret's for the Club Championship Show, this being one of the premier shows to attend and more over exhibit at. We where sure to see the best dogs in Ireland and of course those from mainland UK that came over.

Paula had been to a show before this and told me of this excellent dog she had seen and fell in love with, and with this anticipation we where on our way down to this show to see what was there, but for me wanting to see the dog Paula had told me of. While at the show grounds and looking around I found a dog which was all I wanted and would love to have owned, speaking to his owner Martin Quigley told me of his dogs titles, not just being a being a Champion but an International Champion who also held the record for the most Green Stars awarded to any dog in its lifetime.

Yes for those whom know their history of the breed in Ireland it was INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION KEMJON LEX, and what a dog. One who was well ahead of his time, and one which so much to give the breed, but where was Paula to show her this beautiful Shepherd, who was like a big and gentle ambassador of the breed, a big playful puppy in his attitude.

As you might have already guessed yes Lex was the dog Paula had seen at the show before, and we could not find again, so we took no chances this time and made contact with Martin again and asked if he had or know of any litters out of Lex, and had we asked at the right time as Martin himself was to mate one of his own bitches with excellent breeding to Lex and was prepare to let us come down and pick a show puppy from this litter, did we leave that show on a high and this is where it begins the kennel of Xitahausberg.

From this we got Quinberg Xita who was very typical of her sire and was a female version of him, we had got the shepherd we were longing for, this was the shepherd who was to form the foundation and name of the Kennel.

This leads us now onto the Xitahausberg Kennel of today, which can be seen in the dogs and kennel info in sections across the way.